1.  What are the benefits of working with Lighthouse?

  • Wealth of experience – over 70 years of deal doing – we have seen most things over the years.
  • We don’t delegate – the experienced professionals do the work
  • We provide significant value to our clients
  • The senior team is supported by an Advisory Board (including significant PLC, PE and banking experience)
  • The proposition is supported by the resources of Mazars (a €1billion business) and George Green LLP
  • We are mature and approachable professionals with the right values – we work well together and with our clients – and we know how to ensure deals are done in a way which works for all parties

2.  Why is Lighthouse different?

  • We are focused on providing management advice – Lighthouse doesn’t do anything else
  • We are independent of the Private Equity sector – our sole focus is on the management team
  • We provide a solution for every situation – ranging from our unique all encompassing offering including Corporate Finance, Private Equity and legal – to focused CF and legal solutions
  • Our Advisory Board provides valuable insights into Capital Markets and Debt Finance
  • Our unique all encompassing solution is highly effective in ensuring management value is created and not lost
  • We don’t have a typical adviser mindset – we understand the impact on decisions made to get deals done on future value creation

3.  Can we take up references?

  • Yes we would be delighted to provide you with references on how we work and add value.

4.  What is your track record?

We are not a volume driven organisation and only look to work on transactions that fit the Lighthouse model.  We specifically do not do buy or sell-side work as independence from the PE sector is fundamental to our offering – this has frequently been an important factor for management teams.
In addition we each have a number of reference points with businesses, management teams, private equity professionals, lawyers, advisers that we have worked with during our careers.  This includes those teams where John acts as Chairman – very much poacher turned gamekeeper.

5.  What is behind the three principals?

It is worth reiterating that our business model is different – we offer our clients the benefits of our experience and therefore don’t expect to delegate significant amounts of work to juniors – at every turn you will get support directly from the principals.  However if required support is available from (i) Mazars and George Green and (ii) our Advisory Board.

6.  We already have CF advisors – is it worth talking to you?

Yes it is – we provide solutions for any situation -and frequently provide legal only advice.

7.  We already have legal advisors, is it worth talking to you?

Yes it is – we provide solutions for any situation – and frequently provide CF only advice.

8.  Are management advisers not disruptive?

Our experience is very much to the contrary.  Over 70 years of doing deals means that we uderstand the parameters on deals – by taking a sensible and professional approach we can help management improve the quality of their outcome in many areas.  And our input has been valued by both incoming and exiting investors – keeping deals on track when things have proved sticky!

9.  This is a significant cost – who picks it up?

Typically the management advice will be covered by the transaction fee.